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Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Says
  • "Oh my godness I cant believe how cruel these bullies can be, I just hope they realize what they are doing is wrong and stop annoying this poor girl.
  • I wish I have the courage to stand up for Roni and stop these bullies, but I can't gather my courage.
  • Thinks
  • Effect on others
  • Stop bullying Roni it isn't kind it can get you in big trouble!
  • Sara feels bad for Roni because she keeps getting bullied.
  • Actions
  • Sara is sad because she wants to stand up for Roni but she doesn't have enough courage to stand up for Roni.
  • Looks
  • I'm very frustrated from the bully's actions they keep bullying you.
  • Sara standing up for Roni stopped the bullies from annoying Roni anymore.
  • Ending
  • Finally, Roni the bullies stopped bullying you and I feel very brave now.
  • Sara rushes to help Roni out after the bullies spilled the juice on her and flipped her food tray. She stopped the bullies and pushed them away.
  • Stop bullying Roni it's not nice to bully others you should never bully someone or drop their food and, spill their juice on them that's not kind you should treat everyone with respect and kindness.
  • Sara looks frustrated and fed up with the bullies' actions towards Roni.
  • Sara is happy because she helped Roni from getting bullied. Sara feels that she is brave and has enough courage.