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Imedia storyboard
Updated: 5/16/2020
Imedia storyboard
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Storyboard Description

get out now

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • Hey! I'm (name) and I LOVE going outside! Let me show you why!
  • Fishing and tree climbing and others
  • Yo!
  • Here we have Trisha and Austin enjoying the outdoors.Trisha is tree climbing and Austin is fishing!
  • Hey!
  • Closing
  • Those are just EXAMPLES of what you guys can get up to outside! There are hundreds of other things you can entertain yourselves with.So what are you waiting for? Get off that phone and run outside!
  • The advertisement will start with a girl speaking in her backyard. What she'll probably be saying is in the image. We will be using medium shot and maintain the eye-level angle so we can see the persons whole body. While she's speaking, it will be a fixed position but once she says "why" it'll go a fish-eyed transition.
  • The next scene will be her introducing the two fun outdoor activites, with two people doing it and looking like they're enjoying it. She describes what they're doing and they say hi! She will be shown using medium shot, but Austin and Trisha will be shown using long shot. It will be eye-level angle until the camera tilts at the end of her sentence to show Trisha climbing the tree using low angle. This will continue with the other activities.
  • The advert will then close with the same girl in her backyard again, urging people to get off technology and go outside for some fresh air. We will be using longshot at eyelevel - no movement happening except at the end when it fades out for the company credits/info.
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