Updated: 10/5/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Jane, how are you? Could I borrow your guitar? I want to mix some sounds with the orchestra
  • Hi Rose, I´m sorry, I brought my brother´s violin by mistake. I´m worried about him, he has to make a presentation today
  • OMG. How he´ll play on the festival now?
  • You´re right, but did you bring the partiture with you?
  • But now that we have his violin, we could use it to make the mix you want
  • I know it, but afortunately, later he has a recess, so I´ll go to his classroom and I´ll bring the violin with me
  • Please let me use it
  • Thank you so much Jane
  • Of course, here you are!
  • abcabc