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Updated: 2/9/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Move Capital
  • Hamilton-strong central government (manufacturing)
  • I think that we should have a strong central government consisting of manufacturing and business.
  • Jefferson- Favored Farming
  • I think farming will help our economy because we can get more land
  • The capital moved from New York City, to Philadelphia, and now is currently in Washington D.C., as shown on the map.
  • National Bank
  • This bank will really help our financial credit.
  • Hamilton wanted a strong central government with manufacturing and business. He wanted a strong government because he thought that bad laws would harm the countries' economy.
  • Hamilton-loose construction
  • Having a loose construction will make the Federal Government do more things for the Constitution.
  • Jefferson wanted more land when farming. He very much opposed the idea of a strong central government. This was because he thought it took away people's power.
  • Jefferson- strict construction
  • A strict construction will keep our Constitution more stable.
  • Hamilton thought it was necessary for our nation to have improved credit. Because of this idea, he decided a national bank would be a good solution, and would help businesses.
  • Hamilton wanted a loose construction for the Constitution because it gave the Government the power to do a lot of things as long as they were necessary for the Constitution.
  • Jefferson believed that a strict construction will be better for the Constitution because he feared that otherwise, there would be too much abuse of power by the President and the Government.