the declaration of independce
Updated: 12/18/2019
the declaration of independce
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  • Declaration of Independce
  • Independce
  • all men are created equal
  • Equality!!!!!
  • all people have basic rights that can not be taken away
  • Pursuit of happiness
  • Liberty
  • Life
  • The Declaration of Independence was written by a 3 year old man named Thomas Jefferson. It became approved on July 4, 1776, but it wasn't signed until August 2, 1776. The declaration of independence was written to declare independece from Great Britin and explain the colonists thughts of why the British were unfair.
  • The goverment getsit's rights to make desions and protect rights from the people
  • Vote for me!!
  • The principle all men are created equal is from the Declaration of Independence. It states that all men shuld be treated the same and that no one should be treated bette then some one else because of their race or gender. We are all people and if some one is difrent they are still a person and to be treated equaly.
  • When the goverment does not protect the rights of the people the people have the right to alter or abalish the goverment.
  • President Trump is being put on an impeachment investigation for possibly endagering the people.
  • The principle all people have basic rights that can not be taken away gives people basic rights and no one can take them away. The basic rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without liberty we would be ruled by a tyranny and would not have freedom.
  • Today principle 1 is best upheld
  • Every one can sit where they want on a bus their gender and race don't matter.
  • The people give power to the goverment by voting for them. The people decide who their goverment is. They do this so they won't have a tyranny like King George ruling them.
  • When the goverment is abusing power people have the right to take it away. Say the president is abusing their power then the will go into an impeachment investigation and if they find proof then the house of reps and the supreme court will vote if both votes are agenst the president he will be removed from office.after that the vice president. will take his place.
  • Principle 1 is best upheald because every one is treated equal by the goverment. Everyone is allowed to vote and no one's vote counts more then some one else's. Every one can sit where they want on the bus their race does not matter.
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