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Updated: 2/7/2020
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  • The Spanish Reconquista
  • we are going to get married and bring our kindgdoms together and become more powerful and take over the Spanish moors
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • You may not practice your own religion, if you get caught not being christian you will face consequences
  • The Spanish Exploration
  • Since the wars ended between the moors, and we took over all of Spain you may have our primission to travel west route to india
  • King and Queen will you please sponsor me on my trip to a trade route in asia
  • King Fernando and Queen Isabel combined their kingdoms together to became more powerful and take over the Muslims moors.
  • The Spanish Reconquista
  • King Fernando and Queen Isabel will not allow people to practice their own religion. They thought that practicing one religion will make thier kidngdom stronger and more powerful, if the people were not christian they would get tortured and even killed.
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • Ahh, okay your right i'm not christian
  • I'm telling you the truth, i am christian they are lying
  • Christopher columbus was rejected before, But was determined to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia, so he decided to ask once agian since they had more money and recources which meant they would be able to supply him and support him on his trip to find a direct water route from Europe to asia. They kindly accepted his offer and supplied him with ships and other resources.
  • The Spanish Exploration
  • Granda no longer belonged to the Muslims moors, and was taken over by King fernando and Queen Isabel kingdoms. Some muslims were leaving Granda because they would not be allowed to practice their own religion.
  • Granada belongs to us now, we rule all of spain!
  • Granada is no longer ours
  • whoever wasn't christain or was faking to be Christian even if someone was lying about it they would get tortured until they admit to not being Christian, if they do not admit they would be killed. Some live to be paralysed for the rest of their lives, or left with scars.
  • confess and it would be less painful.
  • columbuis found India,but it was not actually India it was South Amrica but he did not know that. He brought corn, potatos and hostages and a lot of more resources. He was rewarded by the spanish sovereigns by being granted to the right of the coat of arms.
  • I found india!
  • We found land
  • We found land!
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