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Religion Assignment
Updated: 11/20/2019
Religion Assignment
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  • This is not right. The Catholic Church should not be taking money from these innocent people.
  • Indulgences
  • Indulgences sold here, pay now and skip purgatory
  • Indulgences
  • What does he think he is doing !
  • Martin Luther was born on the 10th of November. His parents Hans and Margarethe raised him in Eisleben, Germany. Later on in life he went on to be educated at University of Erfurt and got 3 degrees in grammar, logic, and metaphysics. In 1501 Luther decided to become a monk at the age of 22 and join the monastic order.
  • Martin Luther himself saw a lot of things with the Roman Catholic Church that he didn’t approve of. Martin then proceeded to think about all the things he didn’t support or agree with. One of the main problems he didn’t encourage was the indulgences being sold to followers and preachers, as a way to skip purgatory.
  • Martin Luther then proceeded to write 95 theses outlining everything that he didn’t support and then nailed them to the Catholic Church door. This outrageous move caused a lot of commotion and disturbance in the church which was called the ProtestantReformation. This caused the church to enforce an Imperial Diet (assembly of the empire).
  • Council of Trent
  • This Imperial Diet was called the Diet of Worms and was remembered as a memorable part of Martin Luther’s life. They called the Diet of Worms to address the effects of this Protestant Reformation. The Higher Authority declared him an outlaw and heretic. Then they came to a conclusion to excommunicate Martin Luther from the Roman Catholic Church.
  • After being excommunicated from the Catholic Church Martin was forced to go into hiding. Martin hid at Wartburg Castle, where he translated the bible from Greek into German to make it more accessible to everyone. This reform caused the religion of Lutheranism to be formed, as the more people followed in the footsteps of his preaching.
  • This rapid decreased in people following Catholicism caused the church to apply the Council of Trent and the inquisition, as it was the Catholic Churches response to the challenges of the protestant reformers. This inquisition was enforced as multiple people’s beliefs where elsewhere. This gave the CatholicChurch the power to torture, interrogate and even execute innocent people. The Church then turned to the Council of Trent to Agree with some of Martin Luther’s 95 theses, including to stop the retail of indulgences.
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