The crusades - Aeden
Updated: 3/13/2020
The crusades - Aeden

Storyboard Text

  • All christians, we will need help in battle, if you can join, it will be an honor.
  • Guards!
  • Hahaha!
  • The europeans getting ready to fight in the first crusade.
  • Lets go to war boys.
  • Pope urban the II called on many christians to help fight and battle against the muslims in the first crusade
  • Well, well, well.. look who it is...
  • The christians joined the europeans in the crusade to help fight the muslims. Europe won the first crusade and retreated.
  • The end
  • -The europeans going to the next crusades-
  • But this time, when the crusaders came to the byzantine empire, they were prepared for the second crusade.
  • Over night, europe and the byzantine empire fought, and ended with the europeans losing at day time.