black history
Updated: 2/11/2020
black history

Storyboard Text

  • Rosa parks bus
  • i will not give up my seat
  • little rock school crisis
  • you cant enter
  • freedom riders
  • this is for whites only
  • in December 1st 1955 Rosa parks didn't wanna give up her set to a white man and she was one of the first people to not give up her set to a white person
  • world war ll and civil rights
  • we will join to have freedom
  • in September 4th 1957 a of 9 African american students an all white high school to test the bored of education of brown vs broad of education in little rock Arkansas
  • march on Washington
  • we want freedom
  • in 1961 a group white and African american protesting. the Africans american tried to use a all white only restrooms and lunch counters. they wanted the bored of education to teach whites and blacks the same.
  • sit in movement
  • we wont give up our sets
  • in June 25 1941 black men and women wanted civil rights so the join world war ll for freedom because the said the will give them freedom if they took their life to fight in war world ll
  • in august 1963 about 250,000 people gathered in front of the Lincoln memorial for a massive protest. the wanted freedom and to have jobs.
  • in feb 1st 4 students sat down at the lunch counter at the Woolworth and didn't wanna give up their sets to a white person