Toby´s Story

Updated: 3/8/2021
Toby´s Story

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  • *Gasp* It hops! That is not a squirrel!
  • Toby?! Is that you?!
  • Where did that animal go? *Gasp* Its Tyler and a group of boys running together! Maybe ill go run with them. Running is so much fun!
  • Alright Toby you ran a couple of miles with us now its time for you to go back home to Mona
  • Yeah hes right we have to do more traning, I have to go visite all my friends and most importantly I have to eat brekfast! The best part of the day! I cant miss that!
  • *Gasp* There you are Toby! I was getting worried about you! Fran wants to see us both
  • Hi Mona is it time for breakfast yet?
  • Toby can stay as long as your training him and watching him.
  • We´er so glade you are staying Toby! We love you very much!
  • Does anyone have any bacon?