the outsiders chapters 4,5,6
Updated: 2/19/2020
the outsiders chapters 4,5,6

Storyboard Text

  • Want to run for it?
  • Its to late now, here they come
  • Hay Johnny. Fancy meetin' you here
  • I swear Ponyboy, you're gettin' to act more like two-Bit every day.
  • The Soc?
  • Yeah, She came over to the vacant lot the night Tow-Bit got jumped.
  • You're outa your territory, you better watch it.
  • Hay whatta ya know? here's the little greaser that picked up our girls.
  • Johnny, you ain't thinking of...
  • We're gonna cut our hair, and you're gonna bleach yours.
  • I bet we stared it, We must have dropped a lighted cigarette or something
  • We were having a school picknic up here and the first thing we knew, the place is burning up.