alex bs russian revolution storyboard
Updated: 12/19/2019
alex bs russian revolution storyboard
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  • rasputins death
  • Rasputin was invited to a dinner party where he was poisoned and after the poison didn't kill him he was shot then beat then his hands and feet were tied then they wrapped him in a rug and threw him in the river
  • we demand better pay and better working conditions
  • bloody sunday
  • fire
  • the industrial workers marched to the czars palace and peacefully protested better working conditions but the czar was not home his generals were and they ordered to open fire killing between 500, 1000 peasants
  • February revolution
  • the czar has been removed and we are the new government we will stay in the war and the duma will remain no longer a government official
  • October revolution
  • join the red army and fight for your freedom
  • if you follow me i promise a communist government
  • new economic policy
  • you may now sell your extra crops instead of giving them to me
  • the czar is removed and replaced with the provisional government who choose to stay in the war this is known as the February revolution
  • Stalin vs Trotsky
  • if you support Trotsky your a traitor and ill kill you
  • another revolution why cant we just have peace bread and land like you promised
  • we love you lenin
  • after Stalin won he did a purge killing anyone who he thought was against him or supported Stalin. final death count of 650k
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