Two monster one hero
Updated: 3/14/2020
Two monster one hero

Storyboard Text

  • Ugh! As much as i hate you, we have to work together for this
  • oh be quiet,if you haven't noticed if i always get away with this!
  • Have a little faith in me! So the plan is why not just take the kids you know since students are dropping out.Why not just take them and get something out of it
  • So whats the plan miss is know it all! And it better be good !
  • Uh guys!! Not to scary you guys but i think that they are evil ghost here
  • You seem them over there! They won't expect a thing
  • yeah yeah lets just do this
  • Dun Dun!! GHOST BAT and GILA MONSTER have made a come back. Even though they don't really like each other they have decided to strike again.
  • should we like run away or?
  • wait maybe they can help us they seem to about ghost
  • okay ready ! we will sneak up from behind and take them
  • yeah yeah we will see about that
  • Ghost bat is explaining the plan to Gila monster,so her plan is to just take the kids from school,since students are dropping out. And shes hoping to get something out of doing that.
  • Evil spirts standing tall its time you made your greatest fall.Return to hell thou evil. i banish with this holy light
  • The next day both Ghost bat and Gila monster went to the school that was somewhat filled with kids. Thinking that they weren't noticeable as one of the girls noticed them right away.
  • OMG! thank you so much for getting rid of them!
  • Don't mention it!
  • Its what we do!
  • Ghost bat and Gila monster didn't know that both two of those kids had experiences with ghost and knew how to get rid of them.
  • I know for a fact that i can capture a ghost first than you!
  • As expected they plan that Ghost bat and Gila monster did not go through. As the that one student did the spell on both which got rid of them
  • And the students were all safe from the ghost that were planning on taking the student drop outs