Updated: 11/8/2018
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  • I've seen 3 cases of west Nile virus in the past week... I've heard rumors of Malaria.
  • Mosquito-borne illnesses.
  • Exactly... Cover yourselves up. Wear socks and long-sleeved shirts and pants when you're outside. No perfume. And if you even think you feel a mosquito, swat at it.
  • I know that. Where out? What have you been doing?
  • Miller's Pond. Which I intend to keep doing all summer long so don't give me any lectures about mosquitoes, okay?
  • Where were you?
  • ...I'm sorry. What exactly did I do wrong
  • Out.
  • Peter had come to Miranda's house to explain a new obstacle. He tells them about recent cases. They have been deadly!!
  • These are not normal times. I thought you were old enough to realize that.
  • And I thought I was old enough to go out in broad-daylight without it being some sort of crisis
  • You left here without telling me where you were going or how long you'd be gone.
  • I didn't realize I had to. I've gone out without telling you for years now.
  • He describes how to prevent even the slight chance of getting the illnesses. This could cause many problems! Hopefully this won't be a big issue.
  • I'm going to get Dan.
  • After heading out to Miller's Pond, Miranda's mom is concerned. She left without telling, and this worried her mom. What if something happened?
  • You left Mrs.Nesbitt and went to get Dan. That seems to be the pat you're forgetting
  • Right.I ran to get Dan and then we got right into the line.
  • Miranda and her mom got into a fight. Miranda thought it was okay to leave without telling, but her mom explained that times are rough. In the end, they made up.
  • After going to the library, Dan left. When Miranda saw the elementary was handing out food, whet went to go get him. They ended up both getting food.
  • After and awkward car ride, Miranda's mom was very upset. She was upset that since Miranda went to go get Dan, she might not get food. She thought family was more important.
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