The life of Emily

Updated: 3/7/2021
The life of Emily

Storyboard Text

  • Coming home
  • Hello is anyone home
  • My come
  • My come Mom
  • Hi grandma
  • The park
  • Hi Emily you won't to go to the park
  • yes we shod go to the park
  • Let go to the park now be of get to late
  • The house burned down
  • oh no!!!! Mom come now!! the house!!
  • Is your name Emily. because you your my sister. go get her because my her daughter. I told you are my sister. yes i would love to live with you
  • The life of Emily would change
  • yes my name is Emily you are not my sister. my go to get my mom. mom is girl is say she is my sister. what is going on mom. is she go to live with us!!
  • What is it Emily. yes she is your sister. she is your lost lost sister. yes Emma do you want to live with us. let go home.
  • The good night
  • It ok my happy because i have a sister and we should go to sleep ok good night.
  • My so sorry of earlier and i think it go to be cool what i have a sister yes we should go to bed good night.