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Updated: 5/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Wonder
  • Introduction
  • Dad i'm scared to go to school tomorrow
  • it's going to be ok
  • Auggie is nice
  • Rising action
  • sure
  • Hi, My name is summer can I sit with you
  • By Owen Cleland Originally by R.J PalacioThe story is about a kid who was born with a different face. And he has been home schooled his whole life. But until 5th grade he is going to real school.
  • Climax
  • Leave Him alone
  • What happen to your face
  • Ahhh so scary
  • Auggie is nervous about going to school. He knows that if he wants to he doesn't have to go to school. But he wants to give school a shot.
  • Falling action
  • Auggie makes a new friend. Her name is summer She is the only person who will sit with Auggie.
  • Resolution
  • Thank You
  • Some kids from another school show up while there at camp. They were scared at Auggies face. they tried to beat him up until friends stuck up for him.
  • Hi Auggie
  • Before camp none of he people liked Auggie in fact people would make fun of him behind his back. But after they heard that he had gotten beat up it seams like everyone wants to be his best friend. Auggie feels like he is the king if the world
  • Hi Auggie
  • Hi Auggie
  • Sup Auggie
  • During the 5th grade graduation ceremony Auggie get's a medal. Everyone is very happy that Auggie got the medal. He is proud of himself too.