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The Lady or the Tiger Resolution- Nakoda
Updated: 9/21/2019
The Lady or the Tiger Resolution- Nakoda
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This is my resolution of The Lady or the Tiger.

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  • The man was relieved that in the right door was the lady. He knew he could rely on the princess, but at the same time he was surprised knowing how much envy there is in her. His body dropped to the ground, bowing to the royal thrones which sat his true lover. Of course, the lady by his side was beautiful but no one could break the relationship that they had-not even the tiger. Slowly looking up, a little scared to see the princess' reaction, her face had jealousy written all over it
  • As the music gradually rose and the king announced the future wedding, the princess was replaying her plan in her head. If she can't have the man, no one can. Or at least, not without a fight.
  • Day of the Wedding 1 hour before the vows
  • exactly how you instructed
  • Did you do what I asked?
  • It was the day of the wedding. A day he had been waiting for for a long time, but only with a different women. He couldn't even pay attention to what the officiant was saying. He could only pay attention to the princess who couldn't look at him for three seconds without pulling away. The few seconds he saw her, he could see the guilt on her face. He knew she was up to something.
  • Wait what? Oh, uh I do,
  • After the vows, the princess made a toast to the new married couple. Now he knew something was wrong. He watched as his bride drank from the wine which looked like there was a blue tint to it.
  • Wait, wine doesn't have a blue tint to it!
  • A toast! To the new marriage.
  • And so the king arrested the man, and it came to his trial to pick either the left, or the right door. What they didn't know was that the king was behind it the whole time and knew that she would see what door the lady was behind, so he tested the princess. This time, after she looked who was behind which door, the king switched them out. The man was wrong. The tiger could, after all, break their relationship.
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