Updated: 4/7/2021

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  • !Come on jason hurry up¡
  • It was a dark Friday night when three friends went out to the outskirts of town to play soccer, when one of them kicked the ball very hard and sent it to the door of an abandoned house.
  • What strange sounds
  • When Jason enters the house, he heard cries for help coming from the basement, and he went to see what was happening.
  • Help me
  • !OMG¡What is this?
  • When he came down to see what happened, he watched a witch take out a person's soul and turn it into an evil spirit.
  • !AHHHHH¡
  • Catch him he's slipping away
  • When Jason was escaping he looked into the distance at a very scary door to enter but it was his only option to escape.
  • Jason rushed in and a few seconds later a cry for help was heard and after that the whole house was completely silent.
  • It is said that when you enter the house you hear Jason's cry for help and all the objects in the house move towards you so that you can save him but that will be impossible.