Reconstruction Comic
Updated: 12/18/2019
Reconstruction Comic
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  • Soon after the Civil War ended Edward and Martha were talking...
  • Is this really what freedom is like? I am thankful that I now have a house thanks to freedmen's bureau, but I still don't feel free.
  • We need to make sure that new states' constitutions outlaw slavery
  • Meanwhile Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and Radical Republicans had very different views of how to 'fix' America.
  • No! I will only govern the white man!!
  • Slavery needs to end now and the south is responsible
  • Back at Edward and Martha's house
  • That's true. But we aren't secure. The bureau doesn't have enough money for other families which means we could run out of aid soon.
  • At least we have a home. I don't know what we'd do without freedman's bureau
  • Many slaves were freed but the reconstruction era (1863 to 1877) had just begun. Some people were trying to change how black people were viewed and treated in America. Freedmen's bureau helped many former slaves start a new life by getting them things like land
  • Edward and Martha's House 1869
  • Honey guess what! Another amendment was created! You can vote now!!
  • Really?! Wow fifteen amendments!
  • Lincoln wanted new states to outlaw slavery in their constitution, while Johnson wanted the delegates to make that decision. The Radical Republicans wanted to end slavery immediately and hold the south financially responsible.
  • Many different changes took place during the reconstruction era
  • You don't belong here!!!
  • Freedmen's Bureau helped newly freed slaves along with poor white people who were affected by the civil war by giving land/home and education. Congress funded the program, although it didn't last long as they did not have the money.
  • In
  • Colored
  • The 13th amendment formally abolished slavery, the 14th amendment allowed slaves to be US citizens, and the 15th amendment allowed black men to vote. Each of the amendments allowed black people to have a better taste of freedom.
  • Socially, terror groups like the Ku Klux Klan would try and keep Black men away from voting. Black Codes were also created which limited the rights of African Americans by making them work for less money. Politically amendments (13th,14th,15th) were created. Economically, railroads expanded, and sharecropping (landowner letting someone use their land and exchange for part of the crops they grew) boomed.
  • colored
  • White
  • Jim Crow laws were created. These laws segregated colored people from white people. Colored people would have different textbooks in schools, drink from different water fountains, have to sit separately on a bus, and much more.
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