Making Forces Funny
Updated: 2/3/2020
Making Forces Funny
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  • In this picture, Rob drops his water bottle. Pablo says that this is gravity. Gravity is the force that pulls the water bottle (and all other things) down to the core of the Earth. When Rob goes to pick up the bottle, the bottle will have weight because it will still be being pulled down.
  • That's gravity for ya!
  • Oh shoot! My water bottle!
  • As you can see here, friction seems to be making Rangesh's wheel's screech on the road. This friction may depepnd on the texture of the rubber on Rangesh's car in contact with the rough pavement. It causes the rubber to try to stay in one place, making Rangesh have a tough time with his vehicle...Can someone get over here please?
  • Oh no! Friction seems to be stopping my car!
  • If he makes a friction joke, I won't let it slide.
  • As we see here, Darryl uses the power of elasticity to bully his brother, Charles. Darryl chose an elastic band because he knew that if he pulled it back long enough, it would hit Charles face hard. It can be seen that in an elastic material, that however far it is pulled back, it will go a distance proportional to the pull-back.
  • It seems that Mr. McKnight is stuck on a giant magnet. Since his armor is made out of iron, it is attracted to the bigger magnet. Magnets are attracted to each other because of electric charges. Anyways, iron is one of the metals that are attracted to magnets, which explains the conflict in which Sir McKnight is going through.
  • I wonder what day it is today?
  • In conclusion, the forces such as gravity, friction, elasticity, and magnetism make up the world we know today. They all go hand-in-hand to do so. For example, gravity pulls things down, making whatever tries to move on the floor create friction. One can see this occur in the situation with Rangesh's car (shown previously)
  • Unfortunately, it seems as if these forces don't end up cooperating with everyone...
  • Uh...guys?
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