Mitul Babylonian Empire
Updated: 12/7/2020
Mitul Babylonian Empire

Storyboard Text

  • Hammurabi was the king of Babylonia! He made this Empire reach it's first great glory!
  • This is Hammurabi's code, the first written law and it has the principle of "An eye for an eye".
  • Approximately 350 years after Hammurabi died at 1750 B.C., Assyria invaded and destroyed the first Babylonian empire.
  • The Assyrians left a legacy of war and destruction after destroying Babylonia. However, after the Assyrian's dominance, which lasted for about 800 years, Babylonia established a second empire.
  • We went into war and defeated the Assyrians once again, and this time with a little help from Chaldea.
  • And so after that, we became a great empire once again!
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