Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • chained
  • Freedom: Out of chains
  • Freedom: First Step
  • In ancient Greece their were three man were chained up in a cave since they were children. They had never seen the outside world before. The only connections that they had to the outside world was shadows. They have a small fire behind them that projects shadows of the outside word on a wall in font of them
  • Freedom: The Sun
  • Out of the three men only one of them was set free because the chain had broken
  • sharing information
  • When the prisoner was set free he had decided to take a step outside of the cave and when he did the sunlight had hurted his eyes because he was not used to the light he was used to the darkness of the cave.
  • wrong outcome
  • Now that the prisoner had gotten use to the light he can now look into the sun without it hurting his eyes. he had saw all kinds of things that had looked just like the shadows that he had saw in the cave .
  • The prisoner had went back to the cave to share all of the things that he had saw with his fellow farmer prisoners.
  • But to his surprise they didn't wanted to hear it. They now look at him as a outsider because he is is now different from them.They feel this way because since young all they knew was shadows and all they believed was shadows so it would be very hard for them to believe in something else