my folk tale
Updated: 12/11/2020
my folk tale

Storyboard Text

  • I am the Dark ForcesNo one can defeat me
  • AHH!! The Dark ForcesWhere is Hendrik????
  • And that is the Fire Ball spell, Have any ques-
  • My magic senses something has done some evil
  • WHAT?!?!What happened?I am going to defeat this Dark Force
  • This road is a lot longer than I thought
  • Exposition the dark force come and wants to destroy the world
  • I have finally made it to the Dark Force's tower
  • Rising Actionhendrik is training and his teacher tells him about the dark force
  • You can never defeat me
  • Rising Actionhe starts going to the dark force's tower.
  • Arise, Sir HendrikAnd thank you for defeating the darkness that has plagued our lands
  • Rising Actionhe reaches the tower and finds a way in
  • Climax/ falling actionhendrik and the dark force have a battleand hendrik wins, tavels back to the kingdom to tell the king
  • Watch me
  • Falling Action & Resolutionthe king is glad that the dark force is goneand makes hendrik a knight in honor of bravery and courage