Updated: 2/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The Curse of Polyphemus
  • Mrs.O'hanlonPeriod 7
  • Polyphemus curses at odysseus
  • "how do you like the beating that we gave you,you damned cannibal" (Homer 383)
  • Polyphemus throws rock at odysseus
  • "the blind thing in his doubled fury broke a hilltop in his hands and heaved it after us (Homer 383)
  • Polyphemus throws a rock at odysseus and a huge wave comes at them from the rock
  • "That tidal wave he made on the first throw all but beached us" (Homer 383)
  • Odysseus is talking back to polyphemus saying that he would kill him and bring him down to hell with him
  • "If i could take your life i would and take your time away, and hurl you down to hell" (Homer 384)
  • "O'hear me lord blue girdler of the islands, if i am thine indeed and thou art father grant that odysseus raider of the cities never see his home. (Homer 382)
  • Polyphemus is cursing odysseus by praying to his father to make sure he never sees his home ever again