Madison story board

Updated: 9/16/2021
Madison story board

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  • Are you exited for graduation
  • I am not graduating because the new minumum wage is 15 dollars an hour so I got a job at Target
  • Wow the price of things has really gone up since the minimum wage got raised
  • Yeah I wanted to buy a new phone but I could not afford it because it was so expensive
  • Are you exited for our new job:?
  • Yes but Target can only hire one of us because they cannot afford to hire us both
  • How much training does your new job require?
  • I only have to go through a two week trainting and I am going to make 15 dollars a hour
  • Do you know of any stores that ar hiring?
  • No because almost all of the stores and resturants are having automaded services
  • I am having a really hard time finding a job
  • I am too. Since the minimun wage got raised companys have been more strict on who they hire.