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Newton's law of motion, By WIlliam Hunt
Updated: 11/20/2019
Newton's law of motion, By WIlliam Hunt
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There are the three basics of the laws of motion

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  • Hello, my name is WIlliam, and i will be talking about the laws of motion, invented by Isaac Newton
  • The First law of motion is that all objects will stay at rest unless acted upon
  • For instance, if I push this ball that isn't moving, it will begin to move, this is because I acted on the ball
  • The Second Law of motion is acceleration depends on mass and the acting net force
  • Net force is the amount of force acting on the ball
  • The Third Law of motion is that every action has a equal and opposite reaction
  • For instance, when I'm walking, my feet applies force to the ground, which propels my foot up into the air, allowing me to take another step forward
  • Well, that's all I got for now, I hope you enjoyed my little lecture
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