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Claire Crockford Science Atmosphere Summative
Updated: 5/4/2020
Claire Crockford  Science Atmosphere Summative
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  • The Earths Atmosphere has many layers... The Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Theremosphere, Inosphere,and Exosphere.
  • The Earths Atmosphere is made of many molecules. For Example it is made of N2, H2O,O2, CH4.
  • We also has CO2, and AR in our Earths Atmosphere.
  • The Exosphere is the last layer of the Earth, which is what seperates us from outerspace.
  • This Layer of our Earths Atmosphere is where the Meteors come in to the Atmosphere. The Meteors have to cross every layer of the Earths Atmosphere.
  • Earths Oxygens stays in its Atmosphere because the live on it needs it to breathe.
  • Mars oxygen in its Atmosphere falls to the surface, because it doesn't have life that needs oxygen to live. The oxygen that fell to its surface caused it to become a rusty color.
  • Climate: Atmospheric or Oceanic conditons that result in weather
  • In the tropics of Florida you expect it to me hot, sunny, and humid. The Climate is what you expect will happen. We expect hot tropical weather.
  • The weather is different than the climate of a location. In Florida you may not expect it to rain, but it might. The weather is determined by the Atmosphere and the Sun. Because the seasonal changes and the energy output of the Sun. The weather is a reaction to the changing energy output of the Sun.
  • Troposphere: This is where the weater occurrs, and where the Green House Effect is extremely strong. This is the layer of the Atmosphere that we live in.
  • The Troposphere is the first layer in our Atmosphere.
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