Making Forces Funny
Updated: 2/3/2020
Making Forces Funny
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  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • The magnet is able stick onto the refrigerator, because the type of metal used to build the refrigerator is what keeps the magnet from sliding down the face of the refrigerator door.
  • Well, as can see, there's a magnetic connection between the magnet and the refrigerator, allowing the magnets to stick to the refrigerator.
  • How are the magnets able to stick to the refrigerator?
  • Throwing A Ball
  • Hey son, you want to throw the ball so then we can play catch?
  • Sure dad, I'll play some throwing gravities with you.
  • Archery Practice
  • BULLSEYE!!!; I'd say that was an absolutely elastic shot.
  • This is an example of magnetic force because, inside and outside of refrigeration equipment, there are 2 main types of metal used to build a refrigerator, aluminum and steel.
  • Rolling Friction
  • Autobots... Let's Roll Out!!!
  • This is an example gravitational force because, when the boy threw the ball; and as the ball was flying through the air, the gravity of the earth, pulls the ball down to the ground.
  • Sliding Friction
  • What do you mean exactly, when you say "slide these slappers", did you mean that you were going to rub your hands together?
  • (In the man's head) Ooh, it's really cold in here, let me slide these slappers.
  • This is an example of elastic force because, when the man pulls the bow back towards himself, elasticity is being applied to the bow before the man shoots the arrow.
  • Fluid Friction
  • Mine,Mine,Mine,Mine,Mine,Mine!!!!!!!
  • This is an example of rolling friction because, the tires of the car and the trailer truck are constantly moving in a rolling movement.
  • This is an example of sliding friction because, when the man rubs his hands, the palms and the finger on his hands are sliding against each other in an up and down direction.
  • Yes, because when I rub my hands together in an up and down motion, it creates heat; which is known as sliding friction.
  • This an example of fluid friction because, when the birds are flying through the air, their wings create more fluid motion, which helps them glide through the sky without the use of them flapping their wings.
  • Man..., were flapping our wings so fluidly.
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