Updated: 10/5/2018
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  • Rainsford looks out at the ocean, staring at the abyss that surrounds the ship. Suddenly he hears a noise and doesn't think much of it, until the tragedy comes in for Rainsford.
  • Rainsford loses his balance and falls off the ship into the ocean, he tries screaming for help but no one can hear him. He hears a noise and starts swimming towards it, for he thinks it might be safe there.
  • Rainsford woke up on an island and decided to roam a bit. In the distance he sees a palace and walks forward to it, determined to find shelter and maybe someone to help him.
  • Count Zaroff says they are going to play the most dangerous game, him against Rainsford.
  • Rainsford jumps off of a cliff to get away from Zaroff and starts to swim to shore to finish what Zaroff started.
  • Rainsford finds Zaroff and gets congratulated for winning the game, but Rainsford wants to end it, but he looks over at the bed and sees it looks comfortable, so he decides to stay.
  • Seeing the other persons point of view makes you view things differently than how you used to.
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