it hw
Updated: 2/12/2021
it hw

Storyboard Text

  • MILLER is 6 years old, life seems normal. but soon things get more difficult DAD : hey we got a surprise! (walks in excited)MUM : we know how much you wanted one...(reveals dog)MILLER : THANK YOU( kneels to play with the puppy)
  • dad
  • come home quick
  • its cassy
  • type here...
  • 3 years onMILLER begins to struggle w/ his mental health MUM and DAD arguing MILLER sitting on the stairs anxiousCASSY sits next to him MUM: That's it, i'm leaving(angrily, storms out the door)
  • CASSY has always been by MILLERS side. she was his comfort animal, more importantly his best friend At graduation - *claps*
  • MILLER leaves for university and gets a message from DAD (urgent tone)MILLER gets anxious about cassy and immediately leaves
  • CASSY lies on the vets bed after giving birth to 3 puppies. VET: Mr beal? MILLER replies : yes VET: there is a problem....After all this time cassy stood by him, MILLER has to be by cassy's side
  • cassy b
  • knock at the door MILLER: ill answer it (looks around for the keys, finds them)MILLER: um hello, how can i help you STRANGER: miller? is that you? be continued