trig comicbook 3

Updated: 9/16/2020
trig comicbook 3

Storyboard Text

  • Uh Oh! Captain Mistresso has just realised that she does not completely know the way back. She needs to find the bearing in which she has to travel in, to get back, however, she has left her phone at home so she cannot message the headquarters, who she works for.
  • Mistresso remembers that she travelled at a bearing of 120 degrees when travelling to her current position, so she will just have to use true bearings to find her way back!
  • Mistresso's home
  • 120
  • N
  • co-interior angles equal to 180
  • 60
  • Building 85
  • 300
  • N
  • to find the bearing minus 360 from 60
  • Mistresso finds her way back home and finally has a good nights rest before another day of saving innocent lives and getting rid of evil ones!
  • after a long and peaceful sleep, captain mistresso has woken up fresh and ready for the day ahead of her. Her flying powers have restored again and is able to fly better than ever. Mistresso enjoys her morning with a healthy breakfast, when the mission messages start coming through!
  • to find the no. of people, find the area of the triangle first. Each person takes 2² units of space. The triangular rooms are in the shape of an isosceles triangle, with side lengths of 13m and base length of 10m
  • hey there captain. hope you had a goodnight's sleep as you will have a long day ahead of you today!
  • we have just heard about a very powerful villain who has summoned and captured citizens and put them into a pentagram, called the devils pentagram located in west Georgia
  • there are 5 triangular rooms, where the victims are being held. the number of people is unknown, which is what you will need to figure out before you go and rescue them
  • Captain Mistresso needs to find the area of the triangles, before finding the no of people she has to save. However, she does not have all the information (missing angle to find area of triangle) about the pentagram's and neither does the headquarters. She will have to solve it herself, by first finding the missing angle through cosine rule
  • a=13m
  • B
  • c=10m
  • C
  • b=13m
  • A
  • cosine rule: c²=a²+b²-2ab x cosCcosine rule to fine angle: cosC=a²+b²-c²/2abcosC= 13²+13²-10²/2 x 13 x 13cosC=238/338C=cos^-1(0.7)C=45.6 degrees