Updated: 6/29/2020

Storyboard Description

ALEC 535 Tutorial

Storyboard Text

  • Open: Boy's Bedroom
  • Danny's 1st thought
  • Danny looks out window
  • Danny sits bored in bedroom
  • Danny joins dad
  • Danny thinks to self (Narrated audio): "Covid lockdown is so boring! I wish there was something to make it more interesting"
  • Fast-Forward
  • Cut to view of garden from bedroom window.Danny's dad (shouting up): "Hey Danny! Come check out these fresh tomatoes!"
  • Inspirational Finish
  • Title Slide Close
  • Danny's dad: With just a bit of knowledge, trial and error and some care it's pretty darn easy to grow your own food Danny!"
  • UT student's (inc aged Danny) and Ag instructor walking into ETREC. "2 years later" banner shows on screen.Danny (narration): I'm so glad my dad encouraged me to garden during Covid. That inspired me to pursue a career in Ag. Now I'm studying Plant Science at UT Knoxville!"
  • 2 years later
  • Rolling Close Title Slide: "Home gardening inspires careers in Ag. Learn more through UT extension and about degree options at UTIA."