Mary Mackillop
Updated: 3/23/2020
Mary Mackillop

Storyboard Text

  • Hello Annie and Lexie would you like to make a school with me to help the poor.
  • yes sure we will
  • I can't believe that the bishop helped us to make a school.
  • We have finally arrived in Adelaide
  • We will excepted everybody in our school even the people that have money.
  • When Mary Mackillop started the school with the sisters Lexie and Annie.
  • please give some money to the poor children. please...
  • please donate some money for the poor to learn.
  • when they are going to Adelaide to start the school their.
  • good morning children lets go inside and start our prayer to God and Jesus.
  • Mary Mackillop and the sisters Lexie and Annie arrive in Adelaide.
  • I was so happy when the sleets came in because we have been writing on sand.
  • Mary Mackillop and the sisters begs for money on the streets to help them continue their work.
  • They continue their teaching .
  • Mary Mackillop is glad that they don't have to write in the sand any more so Mary Mackillop and the sisters can write on sleets.