Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • The 14th amendment Just passed on July 28, 1868 and the Amendment let Slaves to become citizens
  • Yeaaa
  • Yesss were Citizens
  • . The major provision of the 14th amendment was to grant citizenship to “All persons born or naturalized in the United States,” thereby granting citizenship to former slaves. ... On June 16, 1866, the House Joint Resolution proposing the 14th amendment to the Constitution was submitted to the states
  • What game do you want to play now that we are free
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  • Get back to work
  • Some south states didn't care about the 14th amendment. But in the North the African American Citizens were living free.
  • Nooo I plead the 14th amendment which lets me be a free citizen.
  • The 14th Amendment established citizenship rights for the first time and equal protection to former slaves, laying the foundation for how we understand these ideals today. It is the most relevant amendment to Americans' lives today
  • And Today there is no Discrimination and slavery and we all play together
  • The End
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