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5 days in a mine
Updated: 10/15/2018
5 days in a mine
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  • josh and his dad went on a boy scout trip to a mine even tho josh new he would be the youngest he still wanted to go.they all took turns in groups going in the mine it was joshes turn he went with 2 older boys.
  • hey are you ready this mine is very dark and cold and there is no sound. are you shure you want to do this.
  • yes dad i am very excited
  • no tresspasing
  • what is he doing here.
  • josh and the older kids went in the cave the older kids left without telling josh when josh saw them leaving he started running after them it was so dark that after he fell behind he couldnt see them and got lost while wondering around. 
  • ok
  • hey lets go
  • wait! wait!
  • the 2 older boys came back and started talking until joshes dad asked them if they new whar josh went they said no i thought he was with you the dad said no he was with you after a while they decided to send a search party into th mine.
  • hey guys do whare is josh
  • no isnt he with you
  • after a while they still couldnt find josh even with the sharif it was already past 4:00 amd so they called the police and fire department and by then everyone was there even the mom he came from salt lake city.
  • hi
  • hey what happend
  • they still haven't found josh and most off them have left all the kids where gone and they where all about to leave till a man came and offered to help he said he new the cave in and out he also put his own search party together.
  • we should still keep looking
  • we are 80 to 90 percent shur he is no longer in the cave
  • after a while the three men had found the boy hiding in a corner th took him out of the mine and he could bearly walk so they took him to the nearest hospital.
  • thank you
  • no problem
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