social studies

Updated: 5/12/2020
social studies

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  • President Jefferson debating whether or not to buy the Lousiana Territory? Here are the facts!
  • You may be thinking, "Well we can have more land which means more power. Although that is true, there are many more risks that are being overlooked.
  • Jefferson is a hypocrite. He doesn't have any constitutional back up. He is using "implied powers" however he made fun of former President Hamilton for doing the same a decade ago. Jefferson thinks we should buy the property however if he can be a hypocrite for that, his decisions shouldn't be valid.valid.
  • hypocrite
  • The US might gain more power but this power will not be divided equally among all of us. Any new states can only be admitted by the Union but not by any individual state. All of these types of decisions will have to go through the Congress or else they cannot be approved. The congress will have too much power and the states will not have enough.
  • Also, slavery is legal In the Louisiana. This means that new states will also be slave states and will worsen the problem of unequal representation from slave and free states. We aren't going to be treated fairly if this treaty is put in place so I advise you to listen to the facts and oppose on this horrendous idea from Jefferson. Prove him wrong!
  • I'm definitely going to oppose this treaty. We need equal power and this treaty is doing the opposite.
  • YES! Congress cannot have more power and slavery shouldn't be allowed back into our lives.