Math project
Updated: 5/18/2020
Math project

Storyboard Text

  • I need to use (8)sin(40)=X. And with that, X=5.96 feet!
  • 40° X??8 feet
  • Oh no, My kite! Matthew help me get it out!!
  • Matthew has been fishing all day and has caught nothing. In his free time, he has figured out that his fishing pole is 8 feet from the water, and he is at a 40° angle from the water.
  • 60° 30 feet 60° 50° X??
  • Sin(50) Sin(60)------- = ------- =30 XX=30sin(60)/sin(50)X= 34.85 feet
  • Finally! Mathew sees a fish, but needs to know how far to let his fishing line down to get to the fish!
  • We need to use the Law of cosines! c^2=a^2+b^2-2ab*cos(C).
  • The next day, Matthew and his sister, Jessica go to the park together. But sad news! Jessica got her kite stuck in a tree. :(
  • Matthew John X?? 17 feet 28 feet 114° Teddy
  • In our case, X^2 = 28^2+17^2-2(28)(17)cos(114).
  • Matthew knows what to do! He figures out that they and the kite are all at 60° angles, and Jessica is 30 feet from the kite, because that is how long the string is. Now Matthew wants to know how far from Jessica he is!
  • We need to use the Law of Sines!Sin(A) Sin(B)------ = ------a b
  • Later that day, Matthew was playing catch with two of his friends, before dinner. After a while of playing, the boys want to find out how far apart Matthew and John are, without simply measuring.
  • With that equation, X^2=1460.21 andX=38.21
  • They know that Teddy makes a 114° angle with both of them, Matthew is 17 feet away from Teddy, and John is 28 feet from Teddy.