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Updated: 9/3/2020
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  • The orange people have identified their victims, which are the native people to the land. The orange people came over to take this land for their faraway government.
  • What are those people doing here?
  • I am ready to take over! We have travelled all this way!
  • The orange people can tell the natives apart by their purple skin. They want the land for themselves, so they need to know who doesn't belong there.
  • The way to tell them apart is their purple skin.
  • Oh, okay. That makes sense.
  • The orange people think that the purple people are subhuman - more like animals than people. They believe the 'animals' are a danger to their government's plan to colonize this territory.
  • Look at those disgusting animals! How could they possibly think they could compare to us?
  • The orange people are making a plan on how to deal with the purple people. They have decided to use the empty land to build camps to put the purple people in so that they can get rid of them and take the land so that their government can start to bring more orange people over.
  • I have a plan! We can use all of this empty space to set up areas to put those animals in and kill them.
  • That's a great idea!
  • The orange people have spread hateful messages about the purple people and have barred them from speaking to the orange people. This is to separate the group from the orange people, who are there to take the land from the purple people so that they can reside there.
  • These animals are not permitted to speak with us. They are less than us and will be treated as such!
  • The purple people have been made to carry around identification cards that only allow them into very few places, such as the ghettos in which they now have to live so that the orange people can prepare for other orange people to come over from their government.
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