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Updated: 5/21/2020
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  • I believe fully that God exists due to widespread belief supporting this view.
  • I'm not too sure, as there is compelling evidence from both sides.
  • I believe that God does not exist.
  • I experienced a general revelation by realising how perfectly fine-tuned the universe is for its own sustained existence and support for human life on Earth.
  • I don't agree. Not everyone in the world experiences a general or special revelation in their lifetime. This contradicts the belief in most religions that God is omnibenevolent.
  • True, however there is no solid scientific evidence that God exists, and there is a chance that people created God in their minds to help cope with painful and difficult situations.
  • I'm not sure, as - although Atheist has a strong point, so many people believe in God around the world and have had some type of revelation that it is not impossible that God does really exist.
  • Another reason that I believe in God is that the Earth and everything within it is so intricately made and created for a specific purpose - so well-designed that it must have had a designer, God!
  • Immanuel Kant, an influential German philosopher, questioned how we can even be sure that order and design exists in the world. He rejects design arguments, saying that humans naturally categorise and order our own experiences meaning we are projecting order onto the world, when it is not there.
  • What about miracles? They are extraordinary events that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws, so they must be an act of God. For example, at the religious Christian pilgrimage site at Lourdes in 1902, a woman called Marie Bailly was cured from tuberculosis after having holy water poured on her head.
  • Hmm... I'm not too sure. Some people make up stories for fame and money, however some genuinely make mistakes from hallucinations and illnesses.
  • People have different opinions and viewpoints about religion, but it is important to respect others' opinions. Atheists believe there is no God, theists believe that there is a or many God(s), agnostics do not claim to know about the existence of God, and the list goes on. People have many different religious viewpoints.
  • Whether it's revelations, miracles, or scientific evidence, everyone has their own reasoning.
  • I agree.
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