Updated: 4/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Ellie died! *sobs*
  • I won't let you take my house and dont touch my mailbox!* hits with cane *
  • You should sell us your house and go to a retirement home.
  • help
  • HAHAHA No one is getting my house! I will achieve Ellie and I's dream and put my house beside paradise falls!
  • Look Mr. Fredrickson! A bird that likes chocolate and a talking dog!
  • We got to close to the ground, we will have to walk to the falls insead!
  • We need to get Kevin back!
  • Charles Muntz! Your my wife and I's idol!
  • Boss, we have captured the bird!
  • Yay! We defeated Muntz! Now he can never hurt Kevin and her babies again.