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Updated: 12/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hello, I am an extrusive igneous rock. That means I formed from lava that erupted from a volcano!
  • Ahhhh! I fell into a lake with other rocks and got squished together over time! Now I am sedimentary.
  • I have been stuck underground FOREVER, just to get hot magma stuck onto me. I guess I'm an intrusive Igneous rock now.
  • So I'm still underground, but I've been made bigger from heat and pressure, so now I'm a metamorphic rock, I keep changing so much!
  • AHHHHHH! I just erupted from a volcano! And even MORE lava is stuck to me! I'm extrusive igneous again.
  • Well, this has been quite peaceful, I have been pushed together a little by these glaciers, and I've changed back into a sedimentary rock!
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