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Updated: 12/3/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I have not adapted to my surroundings!
  • I am able to get food because I have longer legs than the foxes. This shows how nature is battle of the fittest.
  • I am able to camouflage, because my fur looks like my surroundings.
  • I'm not fast enough!
  • Animals fear me!
  • My ancestors used to have to worry about predators, but over time I have come to mimic that insect over there. Now I do not have to worry.
  • I am going to fly south for the winter to find food.
  • It's cold here!
  • It is difficult to find food here!
  • I don't need to fly south, because I can find food here.
  • I have a sharper beak to help me eat rough food.
  • I wonder why the turtles are different.
  • We adapted to our environments.
  • Hi Darwin, I'm Dave!
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