Raccoon project
Updated: 1/15/2020
Raccoon project
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  • Hello i'm a raccoon other wise known as procyon lotor and firstly im going to tell you where raccoons keep their young.
  • Nextly lets start off with where I live. My natural habitats include the boreal or coniferous forest. But I have been known to move into cities and suburbs due to the impact that humans have on our habitat we raccoons are very adaptable.
  • As for what we raccoons eat. Basically whatever we can get our hands on such as fish, small livestock, birds, small mammals, pets, frogs, crawfish, fruits and even human garbage eww.
  • Our mom spends months raising us and teaching us how to survive on our own and how to deal with predators. Why'll t she teaches us to survive she keeps us in hidy holes to keep us safe.
  • Now for our height and weight. The average weight for a raccoon is between 14 to 23 pounds but males are genuinely larger then females and have weighed at a whopping 60 pounds. The average height is 9.1 to 12 inches and the average length is 24 to 38 inches. Although this may be larger as I said before for older adult male raccoons.
  • Now as you may know we raccoons are very adaptable creatures which is why we have adapted pretty well to humans being around us. We have adapted to where our diets have even changed with the humans feeding us leftovers and we have even made the suburbs one of our habitats.
  • Here are some of the animals and vegetation in my natural habitat.
  • White Tail Deer
  • Black Bear
  • Oak Tree
  • Red Fox
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