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Short Story Storyboard
Updated: 2/18/2020
Short Story Storyboard
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  • Setting
  • Exposition
  • Introduction of Conflict
  • My story takes place in a castle in a kingdom in France during the 1600s.
  • Rising Action
  •  Selina Jones is the to be queen who doesn’t really care for her life in the palace. She is Adventurous best frineds with Luciele. Lucielle Boyle who is the main character is the best friend of Selina. Her adoptive mother works at the castle as a maid. She started living there at the age of 5 and befriends Selina. Clarissa Jones is the mother of Selina. She is also the queen.
  • Climax
  • Lucielle starts to receive letters from a mysterious someone who gives her bits and pieces about her past.
  • Falling Action/ Resolution
  • She finally meets her father and learns the truth about who her mother is. She is the queen. She doesn’t believe him and goes to confront the queen herself
  • She confronts the queen and she admits that it is true. The queen tries to lock her up because she knows the truth, but in self defense Lucielle throws a vase at her and kills her
  • She is devastated by what happened. She confides in her father who tries to make her the queen. She however, doesn’t want to isn’t able to bear with what she had done. She finally confides in Selina and tells her what happened. Selina, at first becomes upset, but she then she tries to help Lucielle because her father has told the gaurds who killed the queen. At the end Lucielle is taken by the gaurds and blacks out.
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