Tea Party 1747
Updated: 1/21/2021
Tea Party 1747

Storyboard Text

  • On August 27, 1747, about twenty or thirty Native Americans raided a New-Marblehead settlement and proceeded to attack two young men who went by the name of William Bolton and William Maxfield. Who both were armed with a gun.
  • Bolton instantly discharged his musket at the natives, which gave them an opportunity to run forward and make him their prisoner while he reloaded. Maxfield did the smart thing and held his gun pointed at the enemy and didn't fire. Though hurt, Maxfield held back the foe until a group of armed men came from the settlement and forced the natives to retreat.
  • Many years later, Bolton was a very successful farmer. And while he was minding his own business, he saw a group of boys harassing an old dude. So Bolton went over with a whip and started crackin' at the group. The kids scattered and ran away. When Bolton got closer to the old man, he noticed that it was actually Lieut. Wallace! Bolton then took the now poor old captain home and stayed with him until his death.
  • Bolton was taken to Canada and sold to a French Naval officer who took him on a frigate and made him a servant. A little while after the frigate was put into the water, it was captured by an english ship. The french captain was made prisoner, and Bolton was kept a servant.
  • While aboard the ship, the captain of the ship ordered Bolton to make some herb tea, and was given a pound of tea and a tea kettle. Not really knowing how to make tea, Bolton poured the whole pound of tea into the kettle, filled it with water, and put it on the fire. Things went bad from there. The tea kettle instantly exploded, and the english captain thought that a nasty prank had been played on him by Bolton, and he ordered Bolton to be whipped.
  • Right when Bolton was about to be whipped, the french captain suggested that Bolton maybe didn't know how to make tea. Thinking of this. The english captan who went by the name of Lieut. Wallace, asked Bolton is he didn't know how to make tea. Bolton, of course, said yes. Lieut. Wallace just laughed and released Bolton