Genghis Khan
Updated: 12/18/2019
Genghis Khan
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  • we're not taking orders from a 9 year old
  • power is won by blood spilled
  • Genghis' dad was poisoned and died. Genghis went to claim his title as clan chief but the tribe wasn't willing to take orders from someone so young.
  • khwarizm dynasty
  • Xi Xia
  • To prove he was worthy, Genghis fought his half brother and won. At 16 he married his wife who was then captured so Genghis raided the tribe and got her back. Not long after Genghis was captured but escaped.
  • Jin Dynasty
  • Later Genghis Khan started uniting the clans to have a big enough army to rival the powers of China.
  • He valued prosperity and peace as much as conquest,enforced respect for environment, and made law for people to treat their natural resources with great respect.
  • started raiding tribes that have done Genghis wrong in his past. this gave him control of central and eastern Mongolia. His army would have to know how to sword fight, ride a horse with no hand and no saddle, and be able to shoot a bow and arrow.
  • In 1207 he struck the kingdom of Xi Xia, and later the Jin dynasty. When his army struck the Khwarizm dynasty there were difficulties resulting in Genghis killing the Sultan and his son and burn all cities to the ground.
  • Genghis Khan died in 1227 and didn't have any special place where he was buried. Instead he was purposely buried where no one could find and disturb him.
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