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Achilles V.S. Agamemnon
Updated: 9/20/2019
Achilles V.S. Agamemnon
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StoryBoard on the Iliad

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  • Achilles Personality Traits 1.Individualistic - Ride solo most of the time and doesn't keep anyone close relationship-wise. 2.Determined - If he wants something he will fight hard to get it. 3. Stubborn - He doesn't do things to aid others but just wants to live a natural life and not keep being people's guy who does their dirty work.
  • Achilles
  • V.S.
  • Agamemnon Personality Traits 1. Stubborn - Refuses to give Chryses' daughter back. 2. Tyrannical - He is a money hungry leader who only fights wars to obtain more land for himself. 3. Greedy - He steals everything from neighboring kingdoms forcefully.
  • Achilles Strengths 1. Physically strong 2. Mentally intelligent 3. Great swordsman Achilles Weaknesses 1. His heel is the only part that isn't god-like 2.Over-confident 3. Lonesome
  • Agamemnon
  • Agamemnon Strengths 1. Great war leader 2. Ruthless 3. Very expansive Agamemnon Weaknesses 1. Ruthless 2. Power hungry 3. too self-centered
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