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Updated: 3/27/2019
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  • Furry Watches the moon describing how beautiful the moon is. When he thinks its too dark and dangerous he goes back to a village also describing how the village is. He goes to his "home" and tells the reader how luxurious and great his life is.
  • Exposition
  • First Aman and a merchant speaks to each other and the merchant asks to go find some berries, Aman invites furry and he goes. after searching deep int he woods furry finds some berries and a very suspicious arrow. Furry doesn't reconizes this is a weapon so he ignores it. So after returning a thunderstorm falls and many thunders land. Furry hears a scream and reconizes it. He finds it unusual and alarms Aman but Aman doesn't understand nor did he hear it. 
  • what is that?
  • inciting incident
  • I didnt hear a scream nor do i understand you.
  • I think i heard a scream.
  • Furry stuggles to sleep but in the end fails to sleep. Not only does he hear so many screams and thunder, but he also can't shake off his mind the arrow and the scream's relativity. When he wakes back up, he finds Aman gone again. Furry looks out the window and finds nothing has changed. He searches for Aman across town and during his search he is sidetracked and goes back to the woods looking for the arrow. Before he makes it to the arrow he hears a scream load and clear and he runs back to the village.
  • Ugh i cant sleep -bunny
  • rising action
  • *Scream* Furry hears a very loud scream. COnquered by curiousity, he goes and checks it out. When he arrives at the village he comes accoss flames and arrows everywhere. Villagers are scattering and some lay dead. There where archers sword men and just evil people destroing the town andlooting the loot. Although furry was terrified he tried to help save people until he was nearly hit by an arrow and run toward the forest. Flashbacks happen and tear are shed. 
  • After hiding in a small bunny burrow, Furry comes outt and is shocked. He comes and finds complete destruction and the area he was in with a bunch of trees, were now a bunch of ashes. He was heartbroken. He goes and checks for surviors and tries to find survivors and finds Aman. He was sobbing in front of a body and mumbling about life and other weird stuff. He was depressed. Furry goes to Aman and tries to comfort him and he makes him smile. Since Aman is quite religious he follows Furry and they find a new home. Adventure.
  • After a night and a half of eating berries carrots and bark they finally find a new home with ediable berries for both of them. Thay also come across a small home with a nice elderly couple. They invite them to stay and they experience the true friend of people. They become less depressed. Aman makes a grave for a loved one and make memories of the lost village. Furry decides to explore and on a hill Furry gets a great view and sees tha kaos of humankind;warfare.
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