Updated: 6/4/2020
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  • While on a field trip to the GalapagosIslands with my class, I fall asleep. In mydreams, the spirit of Charles Darwinteaches me about the theory of evolution...
  • Zzzzzz...
  • I'm going to teach youabout evolution!
  • Evolution is a very long process which takes millions of years. Some organisms which have traitsthat benefit them in their environment are more likely to reproduce and pass on their traits.This process is known as"Natural Selection."
  • What is some basic information I should know about evolution?
  • What are some examples that demonstrateNatural Selection?
  • Humans and Pocket Mice aretwo examples. In the case of humans, we evolved from monkeys and had to developlarger brains because we weren'tphysically strong enough toovercome other animals.
  • What causes different traits, and what is a species?
  • I'm a Pocket Mouse!My light fur is more attractive, andbeneficial in terms of camouflage, than my friend's dark fur.This is caused by a genetic mutationand because of it I will survive to pass on these genes to my offspring.
  • A species is a group of organisms with like traits who canreproduce witheach other.
  • Can I see some proof?
  • As you can see here, this is how humans evolvedfrom a fish. Along the way, we left the ocean andadapted to the new environment. With each step inthe progression we had to adapt to a new threat, new terrain or different resources.
  • So this is all due togenetics and DNA?
  • Yes! Tiny mutations in DNAcause different traits to which may or may not be beneficial to a species. Your blue eyes are an example of genetic mutation.Maybe someday theenvironment will change andblue eyes will become beneficial in some way in terms of vision.NOW WAKE UP FOR CLASS!!!!
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