Napoleon work

Updated: 1/8/2021
Napoleon work

Storyboard Text

  • 1769-The Birth
  • You will be the greatest leader of France. You shall be named Napoleon.
  • Arguably one of the greatest French military leaders of his time. Napoleon Bonaparte was born!!!
  • 1784- The Military beginning
  • Napoleon earned a scholarship to an elite military training college in Paris. Aged sixteen becomes second lieutenant in the artillery.
  • I wish my dad was here to see what I accomplished at such a young age.
  • 1793-The success
  • After quickly passing military training in 1784, he led the battle of Toulon. Despite him and his horse getting injured, it was a victory. Napoleon was upgraded to brigadier general.
  • I really hope this turns out well. My dad told me something when I was a baby, I'll fight through the pain and make him proud.
  • 1796-97- The conquer
  • Trust me boys, we shall conquer Italy!!!
  • 1798-99- The vision
  • We shall go to Egypt and India and beat the British
  • YES SIR!
  • Nov. 1799- Coup ďétat
  • Napoleon wanted to help with his countries issues, however, the only possible way was to do it illegally.
  • I'll do anything it takes to help my country, even if it's illegal!!! France
  • Manages to take over and reorganizes lost French soldiers, building up their confidence and motivating them. Some important victories over Italy and Austria, conquering most of Italy.
  • Successfully conquers Malta and Egypt, however, his ships eventually got destroyed by the British navy.